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We help you find the best turf management solution for your needs, help you execute it and then provide ongoing support

Elevate your turf

Master your time

Manage your turf care needs consistently and on your schedule. Silent mowing means you can mow around the clock


Without the need for heavy equipment constantly running back and forth, you can give your turf a break. The light weight and variable patterns of our autonomous solutions reduce overall compaction.


Robotic mowers are easier on the lawn and result in noticeable improvements. Naturally fertilize with micro-clippings, return nutrients to the soil, and reduce thatch buildup over time.

How we help you get what you need

We get to know your needs

Every sports facility is unique. The experienced professionals here at Robotic Lawnmowers Australia will work with you to understand your specific needs so we can provide the best solution.

We design a custom solution for you

Once we know the unique needs of you and your turf, we will recommend solutions best suited to address those needs and provide services & support.


We set you up, provide guidance and support, and make sure that you have everything you need to keep your sports facility in perfect shape now and in the long run.

The new Ceora

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